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Trusted leader in promoting and assisting others to succeed. (Life Coach)

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Selfless Love Essentials

Here in the shop you will find tangibles that were created to showcase creativity and spread a message of loving yourselves and each other more unselfishly.  

Announce coming events

Future events include conferences, volunteering and vending events.

Customer real testimonials

Coach Chanel,

Your really a change agent at best and I'm excited to collaborate with your business.  The creativity you posses opens a flood gate of new opportunities to assist with the growth and development in our communities.

Current Deal Promotions

Running a special deal for the holiday's on T-shirts to receive $5.00 off locally or free shipping outside of Texas.

The big news

Selfless Love is innovation to encourage everyone to smile, love all and succeed.  Support the cause, spread the news and be a part of collective positive solutions.


Question: What do you do?

Answer: Transform lives by assisting in accountability, training and best practices.

Question: Who do you provide services too?  

Answer: Services are provided to anyone who is ready to change the old way of doing things yielding zero results to now acknowledging it's time to hire a specialist in the area of self growth and development.