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Our Mission is to be the change we would like to see in the world! Servicing all clients with integrity based solutions. 


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High quality professional training service.

MMCS has dedicated members and virtual assistance service professionals , experienced in all office skills, social media, and website management.  Our career development and training program creates a space for members to learn, grow and obtain goals and tenured positions for small businesses and corporations.   Members thrive on going above and beyond your expectations at all times providing skilled administrative training and processes.   Our areas of expertise are: collections, scheduling, medical administrative best practices, 24 hour answering service experts, advanced computer skills, personal development, relationships best practices, team building, business plan structures, LLC, DBA filing instructions and more.


Founder and CEO Chanel Budd

Chanel Budd also known as Chanel Rose-Budd a strong willed, unique gifted woman.  A medical auditor, published author, transformation coach, inventor and visionary located in Dallas, TX.  Through Chanel's personal journey of working full time, being a young mother and then becoming a wife led her to be inspired in assisting others to accomplish their goals, dreams and skill sets despite the barriers by overcoming them during the process.  Life as we all know it has challenges although we all have a choice to allow them to stop our growth and success or not.  I challenge all who connect and work with me to beat the odds by making the choice to grow and succeed.  


Life Coaching Series

The life coaching sessions are designed to provide unique personal development and enhancements.  Achieving to live the best you.  Accomplishing your goals and dreams in all aspects of life.



1:00pm - 5:00pm


Event Details



Join Coach Chanel Budd as she celebrates the 1st annual Visionary Manifestation 20/20 bringing women together to exhale, heal, network and create.  There will be food, music and fun so bring a friend or two, all included in the $40.00 ticket price.  

Location: 801 W. Irving Blvd, Irving, Tx 75060

1:00pm - 5:00pm


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